How to Get a Colorado Drivers License

Let’s face it: all the excitement aside, getting your Colorado drivers license can be pretty overwhelming. I Drive Safely is here to simplify things for you, giving you all the information you need to get through the licensing process without missing anything. Here’s a comprehensive guide to getting your Colorado instruction permit and Colorado drivers license.


Step 1: Ensure you meet the requirements to take this course.

  • ●You need to be at least 15 years of age to earn your permit, and you must be at least 14 years and 10 months old to take drivers ed. If you meet the age requirement, you’ll need do the following: complete an Affidavit of Liability and Guardianship (Form DR2460) and complete a Colorado DMV-approved drivers education/driver awareness permit course, such as I Drive Safely’s online Colorado drivers ed course.
  • ● The Colorado DMV requires all students to pre-register their personal information with the State of Colorado before completing their driver education course. This allows you to confirm which documents you will bring to the DMV on test day. Likewise, it makes the processes of how you obtain your license more efficient.
  • ● If you already have a permit confirmation number, please enter it in the corresponding field on your “My Account” page. If you do not have it yet, please follow the directions below to obtain one. You must enter it prior to completing your course. Please follow the steps outlined here to obtain your permit confirmation number. 

Step 2: Complete your 30-hour Colorado Drivers Ed course.


Step 3: Get your permit.

      • ● You must be 15 years old and have completed your drivers education course to earn a permit.
      • ● Check out our Permit Guide for more details on what to bring to get your permit! 


Step 4: Complete your Behind the Wheel training.

        • ○ If you are younger than 16 ½, you must complete behind the wheel training. This may be done by attending any approved driving school offering.


      • ● If there is no approved school within 30 miles of your home, you may complete 12 hours of behind the wheel training with a parent, guardian, or alternate permit supervisor.


      • ● All minors under 18 will need to present a written log showing that they’ve completed 50 hours of drive-time practice with the adult who signed their Affidavit of Liability and Guardianship, or with an alternate supervisor.


Step 5: Pass the DMV drivers exam and get your license! 

      • ● Driving tests are by appointment only, so be sure to schedule one ahead of time! 


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