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California Defensive Driving Course Overview

Steps to Mask a Ticket

Steps To Get an Insurance Discount Using Defensive Driving




California Defensive Driving Course Overview

I Drive Safely offers two versions of our California defensive driving course: one to mask a ticket, and the other for an insurance discount. Be sure to follow the steps for the version of the course you’ll be completing!



Steps to Mask a Ticket:

    1. 1. Receive notice by mail of your eligibility for California traffic school.
    1. 2. Once you receive notice of eligibility, you must plead guilty to your violation and elect to enroll in a California traffic school course.
    1. 3. Enroll in and complete your I Drive Safely California Online Traffic School.
    1. 4. Once you complete your course, you’ll receive notice that your completion has been reported to the California DMV.
      1. ● Although I Drive Safely will report your completion within 24 hours, please note that it may take several weeks for your completion to be reflected on your courts website. As long as the date on your completion confirmation is before your court set deadline, you’re good to go!
  1. 5. Check your driving record to ensure that the points and violation do not show on your report.



Steps To Get an Insurance Discount Using Defensive Driving:

  1. Contact your insurance agency to make sure you qualify for a reduction in insurance rates.

  2. 2. Enroll in and complete your California Insurance Discount Course.Please have the following documents ready when you register.
         ● Your traffic citation
         ● Your government-issued identification

  3. 3. Send your Proof of Completion to your insurance company.4. Enjoy the refresher on traffic knowledge – and your reduced insurance rate!

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