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Is there anything I need before getting started?

Are there any additional fees to complete this course?

Who can take this course?

Who is not eligible to take this course?

Can I take this course if I got a ticket outside of California?




Is there anything I need before getting started?

Masking a Ticket:

Before you get started with your I Drive Safely course, you need to have received a courtesy notice from your court. Why? It allows you to let the court know that you want to take traffic school. It also provides you with your court info and citation number which you’ll provide in your I Drive Safely student profile.

After that, you need to plead guilty to your violation and elect to enroll in Traffic Violator School. Generally, this can be done in person, by mail, or online if your court offers electronic services. At this time, you will also need to pay any court fees. Some courts charge a fee to elect to enroll in traffic school – this charge does not include a traffic school course.

If you complete the course prior to paying all of your court fees, your course completion may be rejected by your court.

Once you have taken care of all this, you can sign up and begin traffic school with us!


Insurance Discount:

If you are taking the course to receive an insurance discount, you need to contact your insurance agency to ensure you are eligible to earn a discount using this course. Each provider has different eligibility rules and requirements.



Are there any additional fees to complete this course?

If you are taking this course to mask a ticket, you’ll be required to pay a fee to your court before enrolling in your I Drive Safely course. Aside from court fees, there are no required payments to take this course.

You may opt to purchase a proof of completion, to refile your completion with corrections, or elect to pay for an upgraded version of the course, such as video or read aloud, however no other fees are required.


Who can take this course?

You can take this course if:

  • ●You are a licensed driver who is at least 16 years old.
  • ●You want to mask a ticket you received and keep points off your driving record.
  • ●You want to get an insurance discount.

If this is for masking a ticket, you’ll be eligible to take Traffic Violator School if you meet these additional requirements:

  • ●You have a valid California class C non-commercial driver license. Out-of-state licenses are not eligible.
  • ●You were not speeding over 25 mph over the speed limit.
  • ●Your violation is not alcohol-related.
  • ●You have not attended traffic school within the last 18 months.
  • ●Your violation happened in a non-commercial vehicle.
  • ●Your offense was not a misdemeanor.
  • ●You do not have a violation with a mandatory court appearance.
  • ●You have paid all necessary court fees and pleaded guilty, no contest, or been convicted by your court for the violation. The conviction would result in a violation point of one to two points on your record. You can view point violations here.

If you do not meet the requirements, unfortunately we cannot report your traffic violator school completion to the court.



Who is not eligible to take this course?

You are not eligible to attend California traffic school if you were cited for any of the following reasons:

  • ●Non-moving/equipment violation
  • ●Violation that mandates a court appearance
  • ●Alcohol-related violation
  • ●Misdemeanor
  • ●Being cited while operating a commercial motor vehicle (if you hold a commercial driver’s license)



Can I take this course if I got a ticket outside of California?

In general, traffic school courses are only for masking tickets received in California.

We do NOT have a physical certificate that we mail you. We report course completions directly to the California DMV. The California DMV website will be unable to pull up tickets received out-of-state.

You will need to contact your court from out-of-state to ask them if:

  1. 1. They will accept an online California traffic school course instead of the options they have within that state.
  2. 2. They will accept our electronic course completion receipt email instead of a physical certificate.


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