Getting your VA License


When am I eligible to earn my license?

What will I need to bring with me to the DMV to get my license?

Do I need to bring my own car for the road skills test?



When am I eligible to earn my license?

To earn your license, you must:

  • ● Be at least 16 and 3 months old
  • ● Have held your license for at least 9 months if you’re under 18, or 30 days if you’re over 18
  • ● Pass a road test at the DMV



What will I need to bring with me to the DMV to get my license?

When you apply for a learners permit or a drivers license, you must show:

  • ● Proof of legal presence (legal presence means that a person is either a U.S. citizen or is legally authorized to be in the United States)
  • ● Proof of Virginia residency.
  • ● Your Social Security number (if you have been issued one).


All documents must be originals and will be subject to verification.



Do I need to bring my own car for the road skills test?

You’ll need to provide a vehicle to take the road skills test. It must have the following:

  • ● Valid license plates
  • ● A registration card
  • ● An official safety inspection sticker


The car must be in good working order with reliable brakes, mirrors, lights and turn signals. Plus, all your safety belts and your speedometer need to be working properly.

A representative of the Virginia DMV will administer your road skills test. Only you (the person applying) and the DMV representative can be in the vehicle during the test. The test may only be taken once per business day. If you fail the road skills test, you will need to complete approved behind-the-wheel driver training from an appropriate driver training school.


After you pass the applicable tests, you will have your photo taken and you will need to provide your signature. All first-time Virginia drivers licenses granted to minors (individuals under the age of 18) are sent to the judge presiding over your local juvenile/domestic relations court. You will be informed by mail of the date and location that you and your parent/guardian will need to appear in order to get your actual Virginia drivers license.


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