My course is not loading or advancing.

Please follow the troubleshooting steps below in order to get your course back up and running.


First, ensure that you are using a supported browser and device. 

You’ll have the best luck using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox on a computer, rather than a tablet or mobile device. While Internet Explorer can get the job done, we find that our students have the best luck with these two browsers. Please note that I Drive Safely courses are not compatible with Safari.

Still experiencing issues? Try a force refresh!  

  • ● Using a Windows computer? Press Ctrl + Shift + R
  • ● Using a Mac? Press Command + Shift + R

That didn’t do the trick? Time to clear your cache and cookies.

In everyday language, this means clearing out any temporary files that you’ve stored in your browser. It allows your browser to function more efficiently, and often helps to resolve any glitches you might be experiencing in the course.


Click here for help on Chrome and click here for help on Firefox


For Google Chrome:

1. Do one of the following:

  1. a. From the “Menu”  button in the upper-right corner of the Chrome window, choose “More Tools” > “Clear browsing data…“.
  2. b. Then, press “CTRL” + “Shift” + “Delete” keys in Windows or Linux, or “Command” + “Shift” + “Delete” keys on MacOS.
  3. c. Select “Menu” > “Settings” > “Advanced” > “Clear browsing data…“

2. Under the “Basic” menu, you’ll see a checklist with 3 items: Browsing history, Cookies and other site data, and Cached images and files.

3. Select 'Cached images and files', and uncheck everything else. Your screen should look like this:

4. Click the blue 'Clear Data' button.

5. Finally, close and reopen your browser, then log back into your I Drive Safely account here


For FireFox:

  1. Press Ctrl + Shift + Delete if you are on a Windows computer, or Command + Shift + Delete if you’re on a Mac computer. This will open the recent history window.
  2. Make sure the 'Details menu' is expanded. You can do this by clicking on the down arrow next to it (if the arrow is point up, then the Details menu is already expanded – no need to do anything!)
  3. Select 'Cache' form the list, and uncheck anything else. Your 'Recent History' menu should look like this:

Firefox 2

  1. Click on the' Time Range to Clear' drop down menu and select 'Everything' – you’ll see it at the bottom of the menu.
  2. You’ll see a warning like the one below, but don’t stress! Go ahead and click 'Clear Now' at the bottom of the window

Firefox 4

  1. Your computer will work for a moment, and then the process will be complete! You’ve now successfully cleared Firefox’s Cache.
  2. Close and reopen your browser, then log back into your I Drive Safely account here.


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